Audio Is No Joke!

Posted: September 17, 2011 in J2150p

This week in class we started getting into audio and voice recording. I was really excited two weeks ago when I received an email that said to bring batteries and an SD card to class, so we could begin to learn about recording audio. On Monday we spend most of the day learning to use the audio recorders. As I have stated in the past, this is my absolute favorite part of this class, the hands on part. Prof. Steve Rice was our sub for the day, so he was in charge of letting us know what we were doing. I really enjoyed the way he was teaching us to use the recorders. The main thing I liked was he spent a pretty good amount of time going over things that could cause us to have troubles with the recorder if we did not know what we were doing. For example he told us if we plugged a microphone into the recorder with an XLR cord we had to change the recording from stereo to mono otherwise it would only come out of one side of the speaker.

After this we used our time to actually practice what we had learned. I went around to the people surrounding me, and performed mock interviews to see how well I could perform the task. As I learned earlier in the class it is important to keep the mic about 6 inches from the interviewee’s face and off to either the right or left. This is done in order to prevent p’s from popping and the b’s from bussing.

I spent a little bit of time on Monday night looking up some ways to help get the best audio quality possible. I came across a few sites and videos. This is a particularly helpful site. Check it out here. You just might HEAR something new. Get it? Its an audio joke. Oh dear, apologies for this bad joke and anymore to come in the near future. Actually speaking of jokes I have decided to add a new part to my blog where I tell a journalism joke of the week. Discloser: THIS JOKE IS TERRIBLE. But here it goes: Q: What do you get if you cross an ordinary sports reporter with a vegetable ? A: A common tater! (Cricket chirping in the background).

…moving on, Fridays class we began as usual taking a current event quiz. I haven’t spent too much time in the past discussing our Twitter quizzes, so I think this is the perfect time to do so. I really do enjoy these quizzes. I am an avid reader of news sites, and I love Twitter. This makes these quizzes very enjoyable. Its not like a quiz where I am wondering how well I will do, but rather a quiz in which I am curious what the questions will be.

Aside from the quiz we also began discussing the audio editing program audacity. This got me pretty excited, although it may have been hard to see in my tired expressionless when-will-the-weekend-finally-come face at nine in the morning on a Friday. I was pretty pumped, because I have used this program a few times in the past for movies I have edited. I know the program fairly well, so the audio editing project in this class will be lots of fun for me. Finally we continued our talk about how to achieve good audio recordings. Whether is is unplugging the refrigerator and putting your keys inside as to not forget to turn it back on, or taking someone from outside on a windy day into your car there were plenty of ideas floating around to help us all in out future, so our audio will turn out well. Overall this week was a good one for good old J2150.

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